Being a woman is hard

Published July 30, 2010 by jasmilenka

I’m a junkie of all thing’s vintage. I love vintage clothes, vintage classic songs, vintage love story. My favorite books written by Jane Austen and one of my favorite movie, among others, is Pride and Prejudice. Many times I bought a book often because it’s written in my favorite era. My favorite subject in school is history,  one of many, actually. Since I was little, I ate all the books about French Revolution, the falls of Roman Empire and the concubine turned maharani thing, all because it’s not modern. I’m not hater for modern things, because I love jeans, internet, fast cars, and freedom to do anything I’m inspire to do in my life. But there’s something endearing about that era. The courtship, the manner, the language, the dress, the matchmaking process, the dresses, the life style–when people can visit friends for months and that’s normal. And also the friendship people forge with each other. I suppose, when people have so little thing to amuse themselves, company from agreeable people is one of the thing that will make you hold on to life instead of killing yourself out of boredom. Sometimes I want to live in that era. Being born a noble woman, independent and have a massive amount of fortune, surely.. 😀  Because at that time, working is out of the question and society is very important. One almost can’t live without it and one can’t be agreeable to society if you’re poor or related to trades in any kind.

But then, I prefer to live in this time. Why so? Because being a woman is hard enough.

Women have been a subject for agony for thousand of years. In Roman time we were seen as object, in medieval Europe we were haunted and burn at stakes, in this modern time, women have more freedom, surely, but not enough. I dont demand extreme equality, but a bit of trust of woman’s judgement.

I admit I wrote this because I was frustrated. I want to go out and see the world, and I cant do that. I’ve argued so long and I was called naive which implicate “stupid” and it seems nothing I said have made an impact. Finally I was granted a short freedom with long list of “to-dos” but it’ll be the last time I can do this. I’ll be grounded for the rest of my life, or until I can provide for myself, move out of the house, and be a complete adult.

I’m looking forward to it actually.

but now, I will be doing lot of talking, pleading, holding back tears, arguing, smiling, and bowing.

Ah. Price to be paid of being born in this gender I suppose


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