life is such a colourful thing and how mine evolved

Published July 30, 2010 by jasmilenka

I swore to write everyday, but well, sometimes it’s hard to keep even the simplest promise.
yesterday when I was driving, my thoughts were not focusing on the road (only). I let it to wander as it pleased. I was thinking of how fast my brain processed one thing to another, and how quick I can jump from one thing to another, even when it’s not related. I can think of lunch, world peace, the stupidity of our president, the gasses, explosion and Hitler, all in less than one draw of breath. I wonder if other people also think like me.

I also think of my life. I used to love to write. I can finish writing hundreds of pages of novels in just a month. But now, picking up a pen, or in this modern case, open your laptop is somehow harder. So many things to do, and when you are relaxing, it’s easier and so much simpler to just lay down and picking up a TV remote or a nice book then writing. It used to be my greatest hobby other than reading.

why life is colourful?
well, first, about two days ago, I had to make a payment for my semester in my university. I went to a bank, and there they told me I couldn’t pay my tuition fee, because I have a debt worth a fortune. I don’t have that debt nor I will pay for it, and on top of all, I didnt have the money needed for that kind of amount. The teller was so “sweet” and turning me out on the street without any explanation. So I drove to my university 40 minutes away, caught in traffic and that certainly didnt do anything good to my temper.
I got out, went straight to the bank and there’s a long queue in front of me. I waited, but I didnt have to wait that long, since a security guard approached me and asked if I knew the procedure, and so I told him about my problems. He sent me to customer service, where I had to argued my case and proved that I have paid the amount of money needed for last semester’s tuition fee. I didnt have the bill with me, it was months ago. The administration bureau was closed, so was the financial bureau, but thank God that kind lady was willing to make a call to inquire about my data. Finally, after a long arduous waiting, I was cleared. I could make the payment. Yay.

After that, I had to pick up my brother from school, but since I still had time, I decided to go to a local radio to pick up a present I won last month in a quiz. I won quite often, btw.. 🙂

On the road there, I listened to the program and the announcer was interviewing my favorite writer, a travel writer, Marina. She’s been traveling all around Europe, India, and Thailand, all the exotic places, and she’s always have been very philosophic. But I love her spirits.

We can sent questions to her, so I sent a message and wait for her answer. In the mean time, I arrived at the radio, and the office was so small, the minute you entered the door, you can see the studio. and there she was, sitting in front of me, separated my a glass wall, my favorite writer. there! in person! I was so excited!!

after dealing with the administration, I sat and wait for her to come out. When I was sitting in the waiting a room, a girl with glasses and funky clothes approached me and got me into conversation. She’s turned out to be another announcer I was familiar with. So we talked.

Then I got to meet Marina!! Yay!!!
and the best part was I won a book from her, because she liked my question!! I was thrilled!!
She’s so nice and real and reachable, and she has a great amount of knowledge and experience and we got to compare our experiences in traveling!!!

That happened in just one day!!


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