my love of traveling

Published August 14, 2010 by jasmilenka

I looove traveling. At this rate, I might willing to trade my first-born to more and more chances to see the world. I don’t really care where I go, although of course, when you wanna be truthful, going somewhere exotic as shitty as the infrastructure might be or to a very lovely city with long history, lovely architecture (hey, because I’m not a professional photographer doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate great architectural art) or just a city with lovely people strolling around.

I admit I am a big admirer of fashion. I love to see people well dressed, I also an admirer of beauty and I love to see beautiful people, but again, who doesn’t? Why do I love traveling? Standard. I like the trip, I like meeting new people, I love the rush of adrenaline when you know you are arriving in such a new place that you dont know anything about, but you are sure that you will have a great time there.

I’m not an empty-headed girl though. I know my limit. I know that you can’t be too happy or naive that you believe straightly all people decided to tell you, or think that everyone that you do meet is nice and can’t possibly wish u harm. I know, being a woman, is even harder. People are being protective of you and limit your freedom, and bad people tend to corner you, think that you are weak. Unfortunately, I think a lot of victim, which are technically woman, are not weak and they fight back, and result in the victim’s death because attacker will not risk their own safety.

But I still love it. In my days of traveling, almost nothing can disturb my happy mood. Even the silliest of thing will amuse. I learn a lot. I learn how to deal with problems or come with creative solution when it seems that your world will come to an end. Traveling is fun. It makes me happy. Some people choose chocolates, cigarettes, affairs, or even sex. Mine is more satisfying. I choose traveling. Although a good book also can boost my endorphin level.

I have traveled to places. But not much or uncommon. I am not picky or think that I should be pioneer in discovering virgin places. I am satisfied in step in shoes that are not new. I do not mind in stepping in other’s footprint. I just love to be happy. And if you can get safety and happiness, why object?

I want to write my travel stories next, simply because I dont want to forget it. I am not aspire to be a great writer although that wont be unwelcome.


silly me ha?


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