Places I’ve been, and first day in Singapore

Published August 26, 2010 by jasmilenka

So far, I’ve been to four foreign countries. Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Turkey. I want to increase it to at least 10 before I turn.. 25? I’m thinking Thailand, because it will make ‘Ts’ countries to be a trio and of course because it’s gorgeous, India, China, some countries in Europe, Korea, Australia, and Japan. US will be nice too, but I do love country who is different, and I’ve seen US one way too many in the TV.

Okay, so my last excursions was to Singapore. It’s not my first time without my parents, but what made it exciting was because this was the first time I was going alone, and although I was staying with my cousin there in the name of insistence of my parents, I got to spend my days alone there. I was supposed to go with a friend, but one miscommunication led to another, and I was alone.

Since the before departure, things had gone terribly wrong. My companions bailed out on me, I couldn’t booked a ticket home, I spent the day of my departure with running here and there, left me with less than 1 hour to pack before I have to go to Jakarta with a travel bus, so I packed frantically, throwing clothes, pants, shoes in my 60 litres backpack, and I slept for about 1 hour before I dragged myself out of the bed, washed my hair at 1 am in the morning in the name of fresh vigorous feelings, and just going out of the door, darted to the bus stop.

After teary good-bye with my parents,, lolz actually, I set out to Jakarta. I barely sleep on the road, a skinny guy was looking at me intensely, but I advert my gaze and purposefully closed my eyes. I arrived in Soekarno-Hatta around 4.30 am, about 1,5 hour before my boarding time. I ate some breakfast, changed my money, and waited.

The gate was open late, around 6.30 and my flight was for 7.20. I checked my bag and set out to the gates, and everything went smoothly. My flights were great and I like all the cabin crews, and I did admit I saw someone who was very much absorb my attention during the flight.

And I just did a hunt and throw out a bait, I sincerely hope the bait works. I never knew how much a hunt can be fun, and I do love internet. It’s so easy to find things now.

Anyway, I landed in Changi and got myself out of immigration area, got my luggage, and then I was strucked by a thought that I had to wait around 7 hours before my friend came. I did what’s important first, got myself a simcard, and it was for S$33!! It’s discounted already, before it was S$50. Felt like I just got mugged. But I was too happy to let anything spoiled my mood.

So, I was thinking where the hell should I do with all those waiting hours, when I got revelation and my cousin agreed to escort me back into apartement, and there I could wait while he worked. So, after 3 mrts station later (from changi to tanah merah then to city hall and then dhobby ghaut) I found myself in a familiar surroundings of MRT station.It cost around S$2 after you got the deposit back.It’s full with backpackers 6 feet tall with bulging backpacks almost taller than I was, and they were eyeing me curiously, because although I got a backpack, I didnt dress like one. They all very tanned, muscular, and strong and all dress in plain T’shirt and cargo pants with flip flops. I wore jeans, tucked in blue shirt, a leopard scarf, and shoes. I was also a lot smaller then they were, but it was funny to see them eyeing me like that. Hope they did not mistook me as a highschool girls out on vacation.

After my cousin picked me up, we walked super fast to apartment–darn, I always forgot how lazy my walking speed here– and then got out to a nice lunch. It’s Korean, and cost around S$5. I loveee ethnic food. The kimchi was superb.

I lived in Little India area, and it was a nice, busy with life. You can find a lot of Indian stores, selling saree, spices, gold, providing spa and hair cut. It’s also close to Brasbasah, where you can find a lot of used bookstores, yum! I will tell you later about it in my next post.

After lunch, back to the nice air-conditioned flat, where I dozed off on the couch. Later on, I had my dinner, got a new friend, Gary, a housemate of my cousin, and a good laugh, and finally I slept soundly on the couch.

That ended my first day in Singapore.


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