Weird thoughts and finally have the time to write my post

Published August 26, 2010 by jasmilenka

It seems that my post title have explained what will I write in this blog post pretty well. I’m quite busy these days, and I meant to write so many times, but  also got distracted in numerous occasions. Today I made the time, because if not, I think my head will bursting with ideas.

I’m not a genius. But recently, I made a promise to myself to keep my brain active. Today i kept that promise. I studied hard at class, I went to library to read newspapers, bunch of them, checked out a book, and my professor actually said he liked me being so critical, and he wanted to tag me along if he has any projects. I’m hungry to find an intellectual partner. Not that the people I hang around with are not smart, they are very keen and interesting, and yet,

I’m hungry to find someone with different set of mind who will teach me and share my thoughts and interests, treating me like equal and yet, I would still have respect for that person, because it would be impossible to act otherwise.

I’m currently looking for such an individual. Sure, I had one for some period of time, but people are moving on and making progress. Or something happened and suddenly your soul mate turned into somebody you can’t stand to be around with, and you would want nothing but seeing that person just disappear forever.

I think I’m a girl who wants everything. I want successful career, but also a loving husband and kids. I want an intellectual partner but also someone to share my silliness and stupidity, someone to teach and guide me, but also someone that will let himself being depended on me.

Ah, but it seems that I have wandered too far.

Just recently, I checked out a book called “Reader for  Developing Writer” or something like that. This book fascinates me. I did not realize that writing could be so complicated. But I’m a casual writer, always have been. I want to take my writing to another level, so I hope this book, constant practice, and a writing class would help me. I just want to get busy. I also want to improve myself so bad, lately I feel so stagnant and boring and for God’s sake, I’m only 20.

So my thoughts are always wandering. Suddenly one day, after a meeting with my friend, I got an idea about how to do classification on personality of my friend and acquaintance, just people I know.

so here it goes,,

as you know fashion is my passion, so I will just make it as simple as differentiating clothes.

here it goes :

A. Chanel suits or Armani Jeans : They are staple, kind of personality you would want to hang around with, they will intimidate you because they are timeless, but they will somehow make yourself look better by either intimidating you or inspire you or just challenge you to be better. They will not blend easily but not unwelcome.

B. Vintage clothes paired with 2nd hand army boots : They are unique, people  with this personality live carelessly and yet everyone are buzzing around them, and they almost always get everything they want. Not everyone can look good in it.

c. Something on trend, like flowery shorts or puffy cardigan : This personality changes rapidly as trend demand them to be, they could be comfortable or rigid, but they are quite forgettable, they are eye-catching and people will remember them, if not only for the facts that they are a dime a dozen.

d. Distressed jeans and plain t’shirt : This type will struggle but what directions can they go are undetermined. They can be very successful and they can also be pathetic and insignificant, but they will blend smoothly everywhere, buzzing with life and modesty, yet they also able to be timeless.

E. Black robe and platform shoes : they are unique and very eye catching, one will not be able to resist the temptation to notice them. They have their sad stories and will likely keep it to themselves, and yet then can be happier than what day people would.

F. Ill-fitted vintage clothes with buttons and ribbons and God know what else : This is like a clothes who have been altered endlessly, you dont know what the original form is look like. This type of personality struggled to be accepted, and yet no matter what they do, they will always look ill-fitted with too much drama on the side.

G. Dark wash jeans, checked shirt, or light wash with a graphic tee and a neat jacket: this kind of personality is average, they will not get you any attention you are not into, but it has subtle elegance and adequate confidence, just enough to get you through the day. People can respect and love this type, people may get crazy over them, they can be smart, but not in the i-will-change-the-world kind of way.

hm, hm… 🙂


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