Second Day in Singapore Part 1

Published August 28, 2010 by jasmilenka

On my second day, I woke up on a black living room and for a while, I was disoriented and wondered where I was. Then I remembered and a huge smile was plastered on my face, for this trip was something that I looked forward in months.

I got up, scrubed-scrubed-scrubed, and take a look at my choices of clothing today. I picked out a grey cotton shirt with black high-waisted skirt pinched in the waist, a black bowler hat, and a pair of warm beige flats. I tip-toed to the bathroom–everyone else was still sleeping despite the fact it was 7.30 and they have to be in the office in 1 hour, and took a hearty bath. Long story short, finally everyone was ready and we were walking in the pavement in no time. I was walking with my cousin, and it was funny to see our reflections in the shop’s glasses we passed. We looked like a weird pair, me in my casual get up and go clothes and him in a neat tailored black pants, long sleeve shirt, and shiny black pointy shoes. After got our breakfast for today, a Poka Greentea for me and tea and newspapers for him, we separated in Little India MRT Station.

Now I was free to wander. The problem was, I didn’t know where. Finally I let my feet do the thinking. Sometimes they are far smarter than my brain. I walked along the pavement, but unfortunately, Little India was still closed at 8.30 am. There were rarely shops that already opened at that hour. Shocking, actually. I took a left turn in the intersection near Little India MRT Station and walked along the pavement side-by-side Tekka Market, a traditional market with huge foodcourt. By I wasn’t thinking of getting breakfast, so I just walked along.

Suddenly, there’s this beautiful temple on the left side of the road. It was packed with people. I wanted to come in but was afraid that I couldn’t, so I asked a guy who was passing by. He nodded his agreement, so I imitated what others was doing, I took off my shoes and brushed my hand along the entrance, then took it to my lips. The temple’s air was heavy with spices and smokes, and I saw people are praying with a lot of style, but the most interesting one was a guy who was eagle-spread on the floor. I also saw a lot of women in sari and there’ re a lot of guy wearing harem pants and nothing on top, their hair was pulled on top of their heads like djinnis. It was not a pretty sight. I guessed they are the Brahmana, the priests.

After the visit to the temple, I walked again, just straight and after about half an hour, I saw a building called “Mustafa Center”. I was so happy, because this shopping center was open for 24 hours, which mean that I got to kill some time while I was waiting for other places to open. It was squared and very big, there are two money changers in the front of it.

I walked in and saw that this store was divided into sections. My entrance was located in the electronic sections. I browsed around, got myself a lipbalm, Panasonic earphone for only S$5, read some books, browse through one floor simply filled with chocolates, and suddenly there’s this disturbing sound of alarm, and one employee tugged my arm and said that I had to go out, because there’s a FIRE.

NEEDLESS TO SAY I WAS PANICKED. I thought that I can be calm, but honestly I cant. I walked toward the exit in a rush, and I saw masses of people gather around. Funnily, there’s nobody seems to panicked. I realized then, it was FIRE PRACTICE. I felt so stupid, but then I think that it was good that there’s no fire, so I took a few pictures and move on. I entered the second building and took the escalator until the top floor, where there’s this supermarket filled with freezers, it was like I walked into ice-skating rink. It was sooo cold but I found a few interesting things there, like plums and Turkish juice. I bought about half a pound of plum and thought to have it as my lunch.

I paid and walked out, and one guy stopped me. He said,”show your hands!” I was taken aback and obeyed, and he said “Oh, I thought you were shop-lifting. But you are not, you have paid your goodies.” I laughed nervously, and realized that he must have thought that I havent paid because as soon as I walked out, I put my shopping bag in my messenger. I asked for directions, and he ended up asked me out for lunch. He asked for my number, but I think hell no, I did not have intentions to give my number to random people, so he pushed me to take his and said I can throw it away if I want to. I walked away, said thank you, and try to find way to Bugis, because I heard that they have amazing libraries there.

I’m a huge fan of books btw. haha

I saw that a big guy was following me, so I walked faster. Tried to anyway. He caught me, offered his hand and introduced himself. He’s a tourist too and came from Pakistan. I did not have intention to put myself in danger, so I introduced myself but said no more, and walked across-ed the street. I met with this woman, asked for directions, and turned out she’s an Indonesian too. She guided me as to where Bugis was, and after walking together for half an hour, we parted.

The woman advised me to take a bus, but the day was young, I was young, and so I preferred to walk. Do what locals do, right?

So I walked toward Bugis and began my journey to find the library.



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