3rd day in Singapore

Published September 27, 2010 by jasmilenka

I learned how to use twitter today. Not that I don’t know anything about it, but the RT thing is just too much for me, and now I know, the key of not being confused is to read it backward. hahaha. thank you for my sister.

Okay, so again, today, I woke up in dark apartment, picked out an outfit (I feel a bit rebellious today, so I dig my backpack for a shredded mini jeans skirt, white stretch cotton tank top, and a blue button down shirt wore as outerwear, layered on tie-dye brown legging). I paired it with my brown-golden rubber sandals, my feet was so hurt because of yesterday.

After received an apartment key from my cousin, I put it at the bottom of my bag so I won’t lost it. I carried my messenger and filled it with books from yesterday search. Today’s schedule was Chinatown and Orchad. I had to go to the massive bookstore or I will be mad. hahaha.

So as usual, I walked to the Mustafa Center to exchange some money. Don’t point finger on me, it’s not because I was royal or shop too much,  very much on the contrary, even. Yesterday, I spent about S$100 for another plane ticket, my father ordered me to go home sooner than I thought. I abandoned my paid ticket and book another one, and after some events that made me sweat (the credit card wasnt worked and stuff, I managed to book a ticket, thanks to the help from my cousin. again)

After exchanged my money, I hoped into a MRT to Chinatown. I think it’s in Redline, I wasn’t so sure. No more than 10 minutes later, I arrived in Chinatown MRT Station. I headed out, and was greeted by the awesome buildings of Chinatown. Here I encountered another fact that proved how dilligent Chinese people are. It was around 9.00 am, and the store was all open. It’s so different from Little India where stores would still be close, no offense to certain ethnic group. I was happy, of course, because my today’s mission was to find gifts for my family.

I walked out, and I was mesmerized by the colourful building. The Chinatown area was really pretty, it’s like I walked right into a set of Chinese movie. They have bright red buildings with antique windows style, purple, green, and yellow facades and a lot of chinese restaurant. The stores also intriguing. With only S$10, you can get 4-5 scarves, and it’s quite nice. They also sell chopsticks, dresses (maxi dresses with busy patterns, a lot cheaper than the ones I saw in Zara, but has the same visual quality), cheong-sam (chinese suits and dresses made usually from silk) wallets, bracelets, and a lot of other things. They are fairly cheap. I walked around, try on some clothes and bought some things (t’shirts, scarfs, cheong-sam top) and finally custom-made some necklace for my friends. Here, a guy named William asked for my phone number, which I gave it to him, because he’s quite nice. He looked quite normal, so I wasn’t afraid of him. While shopping, I received a text from my friend, and finally we were agreed to meet in Orchad. I was confused, because it’s already 11.00 am and their plane was for 1 am, i think? two hours before and they are still shopping in Orchad? man, I know they are shopaholic, but this? Anyway, I thought that I should meet them at least once, so I hurried again to Orchad, and arrived around 11.30. They asked me to go to Food Republic, so I went there, and I waited in front of Cotton On Stores. but guess what?

THEY WERE NOT COMING. I waited until 2 pm, ordered a lemon tea from the cafe near by while I waited, but apparently, I know this after I came back to Indonesia, I waited in the wrong store. I was given the name of a wrong mall.  Yes Cotton On, but not in Food Republic. I was furious, but then I think that maybe, it just wasn’t meant to be. I was supposed to be alone in this journey. So I walked again to Orchad as my original plan was, and went to Kinonukiya. I was quick to recover my temper, because the store was simply amazing. I stayed for 2 hours, just walked and read around, and I had such fun.

After kinokuniya, I went to Cotton On in ION, where they have amazing sale. It was also full with Indonesian people. I felt like I was in Jakarta, not Singapore. I bought a few tank tops for my cousin and sister, a dress for myself, and a pair of silvery sneakers and a long black socks. The dress was available in all primary colours, and I chose bright green, which look amazing on my skin. I had such fun. Cotton On definitely one of my favourite brand. The quality is amazing, the black socks stretched so easily, and they were also quite cheap. I wonder if they have affiliation with brand Cotton Ink though. Their style is kind of similar, although Cotton On definitely have more choices.

I went home around 7.30, and I was happy. When I got home, there’s no one there. I was careful not to come home after dark, and now I had to pay the price. 😦 I changed into a pair of comfy shorts and tops, and I was alone for about 1 hour before Gery, my cousin’s housemates was coming home. I thought, great, now I had friend to chat with, but my joy was premature. As soon as Gery realized I was alone, he dissapeared into his room and never got out. He was… shy, I guess. So, a night in the couch was my last choice, but I finally fell asleep around 12 pm. I was planning to wait on my cousin, since I had his key, but I was tired. It was proved to be the right decision, since he was home at around 2.oo am?

Gery opened the door for him, since I was asleep.

Ah well.

So a brief talk and then bed.


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