A matter of truth

Published November 9, 2010 by jasmilenka

Today have been quite a day and it’s not over yet.

Today, it’s not only that the rain had pour so hard and constant that I could not do anything, but I also clashed to something that can be quite sensitive for some people and black and white for other. It’s about loyalty. It’s about trust. It’s about honesty. Or simply, you could call it ‘cheating’ or a more glamorous term ‘affair’?

Why people cheat? How do you define the line between cheating and friendship? How do you deal with it? What’s  the effect of cheating on people for you and for others? For your spouse? For your friends? I don’t know whether I can answer it or not, it’s just something that came across my mind.

Why people cheat? Because of boredom? Because of the availability of ready and waiting chances? Because of weakness? or maybe because of choices? Or simply the mix of all the factors, combine together with the right actor, and you got yourself a cheater? Do people actually need to cheat once in a while? Because being together with the same person could be boring. And yet, no everybody’s willing to do that, so it must not be a general need. Or maybe it’s only for a handful of people? When boredom comes, you need to exert yourself and make it exciting again. Or simply acceptable. That’s something that society universally acknowledged. Stay loyal, honor the trust you’ve been given or treaty that you have ratified.But I wonder, if cheating is something that will be considered as normal for society, will people do it? If cheating is okay, not shun by the society or maybe can be call ‘makruh’? Will people do that? What stop someone to cheat? Love? Conscience? Heart? Integrity? Or maybe it’s simply because of system? If you can put yourself out of system entirely, either it’s because you are utterly ignorant, you do not believe in it and have your own stance, or you simply don’t care would someone do it simply because they can?

Is it heart over logical mind or vice versa?

When you choose the first one, are you doomed and have to be shunned?

If you let your heart guided you entirely, then how wrong someone can be?

Or it could be simplified as stupid?

System does have a pretty strong grip on human.

A  person can’t live without system and society entirely, but when someone can be independent enough, and the society wants him or her and will adjust to her or his peculiar behavior and choices, how strong social control that finally left?

How strong an active act of cheating can do to you? If that’s someone that you are looking up to, you might turn into one. If that’s someone who you are feeling responsible of, you will feel wretched. If that’s someone you love, it might turn you into a cynic, a person who does not believe in love, or in some cases, hurt you so bad you just turn the light off forever so you will not feel that kind of pain anymore?

When a person wants to be selfish for happiness, sometimes it means that whatever it takes.

But when you do it on top of other people’s pain, can you still call that happiness?

then again, does it help to justify when nobody knows about it but you and your partner?

when you do not need to justify to anybody, what would happened?

because cheating, if not being done in marriage ties, does it punishable by law?

international and domestic law? religious law?

when you are not in marriage ties, does the one thing that will punish you and give you eternal burden is norm? So when you decide that you no longer care about it, does that make the act of cheating more doable?

how far you can put yourself on top of others?

when you do that, to push your own happiness beyond everything else, what’s that make you?

Animal? Savages?

does the norm that makes us human?

or our ability to think, take action, and take responsibilities for it?

“I think, therefore I’m exist?”

what is this? Modern? Too much on the rational side, no feelings or consideration for others?

I’m a regular girl. But thank God I have access to people with extraordinary mind that doesn’t mind me digging the truth.

I am open minded. As long as an opinion have a sound reason behind it, I always resort not to be judgmental.

Does that make me a spineless person?

A person with no personality or strong stance?

People may say what they want, but if you strong enough, you can put your own happiness in your own hand.

can you?


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