true to yourself

Published November 28, 2010 by jasmilenka

I am a proud person. As Mr. Darcy in Pride  & Prejudice said, it’s okay to be proud as long as it doesn’t hamper you to function properly. Being proud and being excessively vain and blinded by it is two different things.

I believe that a person has to be independent and free to do whatever she or he wants to do. That’s why I am open minded. But how long you can stay true to yourself? How far you can push yourself to be as what you are, how do you define ‘you’? How do you know that ‘you’ is truly what you really are, not someone that is made by society’s expectation, or what your boyfriend or parents want you to be?

How do you define true?

Is it being stubborn no matter what?

Is it shaping yourself to what other people’s want?

Well, sometimes I ask rhetorical question or something that requires a long discussion to answer it.

I dont know.



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