Define smart person

Published January 14, 2011 by jasmilenka

I always thought that a smart person is defined by the way he or she talks. The way the projected their thoughts and ideas to the world. The way they answer or question things.

Someone’s really smart-as in Bill Gates’ smart–told me that he defines a smart person by his questions. A smart answer can be rehearsed and faked, but questions are spurs of the moment. A smart question can be defined by two ways;

  • the way they represent other people’s curiosity. I think people will always be curious, but not all is blessed by the ability to summon it up well, as to make it’s clearly understood, or even make an offensive question to be bold and interesting, not offending
  • a question that will make you gag or stumbling in answer because it hits the point when you are not ready to answer; the way it’s so brilliant or different, you wouldn’t consider that it can be look from that point of view. Not a rhetorical or unanswered question or a cliche one

I just know the truth of that statement two days before last. I went to BEC to see which provider prepaid internet is the best, and just realized that the sales people will do anything to make sale, including to lie. or probably not telling the whole truth. If I didn’t ask thousand of questions, I wouldn’t know that my house is probably located in too high a mountain, the service wouldn’t work. I would buy the modem and probably waste half a million in vain.

gee, thanks a lot guys


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