Bad Prophecy, Singapore, WMUN 2011

Published February 12, 2011 by jasmilenka

At the beginning of this year, I read a prophecy about my star-sign Not only me, but for millions of other people placed under the sign. It wasn’t pretty. It is said that I will have a lot of disappointment this year, and it’s only the second month, and I already experienced a lot things.

Not only I failed at one test I really want (for my defense, I have done my best and it was probably due to technical difficulties, one thing that I will not be able to change unless I have a time-skipper). I also have to endure the pain of waiting, the pain of being placed quite low in the list of priorities. I know my place, and I know that perhaps it was the right thing, but knowing and actually accepting it are two totally different things.

I won’t lie and say that I don’t have any highlight in my year, I will go to Singapore for a week, for WMUN. Too bad I can’t go to Bali for the next month, since my dad decided to play dictator (what a surprise) and banned me from going. I know I am in the process of doing my thesis, but a week off wont make that much of difference, but since it’s not in my nature to rebel, I just hold my peace painfully. Perhaps Bali can wait until my b-day, half a year, to be exact. But sometimes, times flies.

I wonder though. I know I shouldn’t trust a prophecy, but could those disappointments I endured was because I read the prophecy and then think negatively, under my conscious? Perhaps things will be better if I didn’t lie my eyes on that wretched magazine. Anyway, since I will not have to save for my trip, I think I can splurge on Singapore trip. I’m planning to buy some make-up, and of course, buying things FOR the trip.

I want to make a couple of new skirts, for the formal conference, perhaps get some new shirts, and a pair of new slender black pants. I also want to get a new blazer, something fit, perhaps dark blue. I already have blacks and pink and grey, but a touch of navy will always be welcome. Or perhaps beige, or army green. I will also need shoes. A pair of high-heels for the conference, since my high heels are already broken; then a pair of high-heels for walking around and a flat, and of course a super fabulous one for the socials. There will be a lot of social events and with those, come dress-codes. Yellow-and-red ensembles, I’m thinking a bright red chiffone dress, short and drapery; a fluorescent outfits, maybe a neon blazer or a bright yellow dress; and there’s a beach-theme party, i think i will wear what I already have, n a traditional clothes for global village, those I have.

I am so super excited about the WMUN. It’s near and I’ve been to Singapore before, but I haven’t been to Singapore in ‘official business’. Perhaps it’s like a drill, if in the future, I’ll go there for a meeting or assignment. I’ve done some preparation and simply can’t wait for next month! It will be around 32 days untill my departure. I have read and searching for materials, thank God for my good memories. I think I will be prepared, much more than last year, but I am still a bit nervous about talking in public. Especially in front of smart people from all around the world, in formal English. Whew. Thank God I know I can rely on my smart partner, Gladys, and I hope I can help her too.

I hate disappointment, but who loves them?

Those moments, when you knew your suspicion was confirmed beyond any doubts, and you feel those hurt and empty feelings in your guts, air was pushed out of your lungs and you left breathless and nauseated. Worst feelings in the world.

Anyway, I am still keeping my finger cross. It’s only the second month. I still have 10 glorious months.

just be positive!!!

viva la positive thoughts!! :))


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